Character Themes, a song to go with them (Eg Hero, Break, Numb, Just a little Faster) and if the character is an antagonist at some point; a battle theme, that does not have to be unique (Vim and Vigor, Encounter, Destiny's force)

Character ThemesEdit

Seras; Break Three Day Grace and Bring Me to Life Evanscea; Battle Theme Struggle Away, Fight for my Friends

Ed, Edd N Eddy; Show Theme; battle theme Rowdy Rumble

Grievous; No Theme unique; Battle Theme Shrouding Dark Cloud

Terra; Terra's theme both

Morzan; No Theme unique; Battle Theme Deep End

Jaden; GX theme; Battle theme as Supreme King Battle of Great Valor (Slower pace)

Future Predators; No theme Unique; Battle theme in swarm Sinister Shadows

Thomas; Hero Nickelback and Requiem for a Dream, No battle theme

Galbatorix; No Theme Unique; Battle Theme Forze De male

Penguins and Neo Penguins; Penguins of Madascar Theme; Battle Theme I like to Move it move it

Omi; Courage; Battle Theme Vim and Vigor

Kratos; God of War Theme; Battle Theme Rage awakened

Alucard; What Ive Done; Battle Theme Dissapeared

Sora; Sora's themes; no battle theme

Roxas The Other Promise both

Anderson; No theme Unique; Battle Theme Vim and Vigor

Tigerstar; No Theme Unique; Battle Theme the Encounter

Artemis; Sacred Moon; Battle Theme with hunters and alone Vim and Vigor

Zeus; No Theme Unique; Battle theme the Encounter

Thalia; Green Day; Battle Theme Battle of great Valor

Xion; Xion's theme and Dirge of the fourteenth

Murtagh; No Theme unique, Sinister Shadows

Ben Tennyson; Ben 10 instrumental theme; Battle theme Alien force theme

Jack Spicer; No Theme Unique; Battle Theme Rowdy Rumble

Azula; Tension Rising; Battle Theme One Winged angel

Devastator; No Theme Unique; BattleTheme Vanitas's Sentiment

Paul; No Theme Unique; Battle Theme XD VS Greevil Music

Bianca; Bring me to Life Evansce; Battle Theme Deep Anxiety

Nico; Its my life Bon Jovi; Battle Theme Shrouding Dark Cloud
Anakin; Battle of the heroes (Vs Obi Wan theme); Battle Theme Rage Awakened

Chase Young; Solemn Hour; Battle Theme Vanitas's sentiment

Hacker; No Theme Unique; 1st Battle Theme Tension Rising, 2nd Battle theme Squirming Evil

Rowdy Ruff Boys; no theme unique; Battle theme Deep End

Haku and Ranpu; Other Promise/ Namine both

Zak Saturday; Secret Saturday Theme; Battle Theme Vanitas's Sentiment

Dark Velocity; No theme Unique; Vanitas theme

Argost; No Theme Unique; Battle Theme Shrouding dark cloud

Van Klies; No Theme unique; Battle Theme Fragments of Sorrow

Rex; Generator Rex theme; Battle theme Terra's Theme

Xana; No theme Unique; Battle Theme Deep Space Battle Theme

Duel Ninjas; No Theme unique; Battle Theme First Unversed theme

Jurassic Park Dinosaurs; Jurassic Park theme, battle theme vim and vigor

World Themes

Greenia; Reviving Hollow Bastion and Sizerro de Notte

Alegesia; The homes of dragons and Battle of Great Valor

City Zoo; I like to move it move it, instrumental; Land of Departure Battle Theme

Warrior's forest/ Great Forest; Adventures in the Savannah and Roses and Thorns

Cartoon Network Center World; Fusionfall loading theme; Battle of Great Valor

Pokemon Castle; Got to Catch them all musical; Pokemon Colloseum final battle music (Minus cheering crowd)

Pharoah Kingdom; Under the Apple Tree; Yu gi oh Original theme (No words)

Isla Nublar; Jurassic Park Theme (the theme as they first arrive), battle theme night of fate

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