Blossom Z
She could learn a thing or two from her younger counterpart, but at least she has the right kind of heart to be a hero and a leader. And how does that Hair Bow stay on her head without hurting her?; Thomas

Blossom Z is another dimmensions Blossom, who Thomas first met during Neo Organization 13V, where she was one of the heroes Thomas recruited to help fight the organization. Comparred to her counterpart, she is less intelligent, and more sugar and boy crazy.After the end of the story, she is one of the four heroes Thomas met who weren't in Fuse's clutches, along with fellow power puffs Bubbles Z and Buttercup Z and XIon,

Her powers are similar to her counterparts, however instead of laser vision and ice breath, she has a power yo yo

Blossom Z will be revisted in the sequel to Ghostly family reuinions

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