Brains and brawn, a rare combination found in Blossom. She can be a little bossy, but at least she keeps everything in both Townsville and Genius Grove running smoothly. It's a wonder why she hasn't run for Mayor!; Thomas

Blossom is the smart one and the leader of the power puff girls. Her powers include laser vision, extreme strength and speed and ice breath, a power unique to her her sisters do not have. First she appeared in Tunneling X where she pursued Dexter, who had taken the chemical X fearing that Mandark would find it, and later helped him fight off the Rowdy Ruff boys. Later she had a cross world chase of Dr. Doofesmirtz with Buttercup to save Bubbles.

She will have a major role in a future sequel to 10 new keys, meeting her counterpart, Blossom Z

In the future she marries Dexter and had two kids, Don and Bell. She is heavily involved in the war effort, as both a soldier and a technician.

Sisters Bubbles, Buttercup

Father Professor Utonium

Future husband Dexter

Future kids Don and Bell

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