Bianca Di angelo

Her younger form

You know, I'd always though that daughters of Hades were fire spitting brutes. Well, she may help out with the hunters on occasion, and has tried to turn me into zombie chow, she's made Alex's life so happy, I can't really hate her. But her brother does creep me out, a lot; Tonto

Bianca Di Angelo is a italian american demi god, daughter of Hades and sister of Nico and cousin to Thalia, Percy and Annabeth (But the god side doesn't count for DNA). She was a hunter of Artemis before dying.

Bianca had been dead for 2 years before Thomas traveled to Olympian Manhattan. However when Disney Hades appeared on the world, he caused a disturbance in the forces of Hades, causing several spirits to be revived, among them Bianca. Later when the gem of reality reacted to something, she was among the demigods who turned into gods, in her case the goddess in charge of reincarnation, as spirits may choose to reincarnate three times, and if they reach Elysium, the place for heroes all three times, they go to the isle of the blest, the ultimate fate on the side of good.

Later she met Alex Storm, who nearly died to save her from Johnny Hurricane attempting to suck her soul out to immortalize himself and make himself immune to the affects of killing Alex. Alex drove him off, but nearly died, so in return Bianca made him immortal, and married him. They are expecting a child. Like fellow honorable ex hunter ( Died or was admirably discharged, not because of falling in love) Thalia, she shares the hunters deep hatred for Tonto, but since Alex is his friend, she doesn't torture him, unless Alex and Tonto are fighting

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