Ben Tennyson

Ben Tennyson

I have to say, I've met many heroes, but I think Ben has the greatest potential I've seen. He has all the right qualites, and that extra spunk to get it done. Once he matures a little, he could by my successor as top of the hero league; Thomas

Ben Tennyson is a kid. He's average in many ways, except for a powerful watch called the Omnitrix which allows him to become dozens of different aliens. His world the Land of Aliens was destroyed and he and his cousin Gwen were the only survivors. After this he became one of the heroes defending the universe, and he even found himself a girlfriend, Kiki Benjamin. He is brash, but he has been maturing slowly. Decides Kiki, Dani and Sari are shown to have crushes on him.

In the future, so far he appears to be one of the few heroes capable to fight Kronos one on one safely. It is mentioned he has become Rex's mentor.

His aliens worlds were once a part of the land of aliens, but have moved

Cousin Gwen Tennyson

Girlfriend Kiki Benjamin

Future son Ken 10



Keyblade & Mew powers ( on occasion )

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