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She's mad, I tell you. Actually, I think we all know that. She's a wild fire, burning everything she touches. Who even likes this scorching dark souled lady; Tonto

Azula is the crazed sister of Zuko, and a powerful firebender. She is the daughter of the Firelord, Ozai.

Azula first appeared in Dos Suite Ben, attempting to steal London's Jewels for herself, being pursued by Thomas and Omi constantly until she lost the jewels and esaped.Falling into the darkness, Azula challenged Dani to a fierce fight where she openly mocked her clone heritage, and provoked her into gaining the ghostly wail. She had a black wing, like Sephiroth at this time, and had it when she faced Einette and Kya in another dimmenisons Avataria where again she was defeated, but Kronos has recruited her. Her goal is to set Ozai free from Spaghetti Junciton

In the Far future, Azula had managed to escape the downfall of Kronos, but was killed by Zeus after an interigation