Ah, Aussa. Duela's more brainy spirit. Does she sort of look like a female Harry to you, I think she does? Well, she's a spellcaster, and she's got a rock solid resolve; Timo

Aussa is a intelligent duel monster spirit belonging to Duela
Aussa the Earth Charmer

Duel Spirit and Card

. She lives with Eatos

She first appeared when Duela dueld Timo, taking control of King Tiger Ranghu to allow Duela to directly attack him and win the duel, as well as to set him free. During the trans author tournament, she was summoned when they dueled Samus. She took control of his Topaz Tiger. Aussa was used by Jaden when he dueled the Yubel Possessed Duela, and was special summoned by the effect of Charmer's united. She destroyed Dark Armed Dragon, earning her revenge

In the duel monster's spirit world, she lives with Eatos, sharing a room with Wynn. It was later shown that she was the daughter of two prominent history professors, who were attacked in a library and killed by Dark Armed Dragon

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