Atominus13 is from Cybertron. He is a Cybertronian general, like Optimus Prime, but his team only consists of very few warriors. Almost two or three, if you don't count him. His armor is styled as a White Comaro with gray flames. Strangely, like Optimus Primal, he can transform into numerous vehicles, all of which have a white color with gray flames. He is also another version of Omnitrix1.

Unlike other versions of Omnitrix the First, this one does have a version of Tonto working for him as his dumb assistant. His name is Tontor (hey, I had to think of something) and he is a Technorganic, like Sari, but mainly likes to use his robot form for fun and pranks, which, like the original Tonto, get him chased out of town for 2-3 weeks. But enough on him, let's get back to Atominus. Atominus started out as a basic average every day Cybertronian, except he was a little low on funds. When he was suppose to be recruited to join in the Autobot/Decepticon war, he refused to join and ran off. He was eventually ratted out by his friend, who said "It's for your own good," and Atominus said "Welcome to the scrap pile my former friend." He eventually allied himself with the Decepticons, giving them secrets on the Autobots. Eventually he was caught and booted in disgrace. Megatron found him and said he was going to turn Atominus into a full fledged Decepticon. Oringinally, he was happy to join, but when he saw what the Decepticons did, he backed out, but not without a fight. Eventually the Autobots let him rejoin, and he worked his way up through the Autobots 'till he eventually became a general. He then got himself a crack pot team, which was about two or three people, and he swore he would not rest 'till he destroyed the Decepticons. He and Tontor eventually disappeared.

Tontor eventually found himself in the service of the regular Tonto, reformated into a technorgnic Jetliner. He has been given a cyber power key and helped drive off Kronos's first attack. He is techniically also now one of Tonto's minions.

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