Artemis can be a huge prude at times, but she's gotten better over the years. And anyway, who wants to get on the bad side of a goddess with pinpoint archery anyway, well decides myself; Tonto

The Goddess of the hunt, she is the leader of the hunters of Artemis, as well as the moon goddess and goddess of virgins. Her parents are Zeus and Leto, a titaness. Her brother is Apollo


. Generally, she appears as a 12 year old girl. She is a chaste goddess, having no demi god children or goddly children. She has little respect for most men. However, a mistake by Omni and Alex ended up creating a clone with both her and Tonto's DNA, Diana, giving her a daughter while keeping her virgin goddess title intact.

Artemis and Tonto hate each other a lot, and when she and her immortal maiden hunters travel to Omnimation on hunts, they have met and the first time resulted in the creation of Tontalope, the second time sent them on a epic battle that each side claims to win. She also congradulated Kiki and Seras, wishing they were on their hunt but knew they were too much along the path of love with Ben and Thomas to recruit. When Tonto revealed Diana's identity, she changed her opinion on him, giving him a bone crushing hug.

Battle Quotes

"You shall be my prey"

"Behold your Silver Oblivion!"


"The hunter, has become the hunted"

"A boy can not win against me!"

"Hardly worth the hunt" Victory

"This, can not be...." defeat

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