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I have nothing against Athena, and thus I don't have too much issues with Wise Girl here. However, she can be a little naggy at times, but go SpiderMonkey and she runs away screaming!; Tonto

Annabeth Chase is a daughter of Athena, a Demi God hailing from Olympian Manhattan. She is Percy's girlfreind, and later wife. She is extremely smart, but immensly afraid of spiders. She wields the Gem of Civilization

When Doofemsmirtz tricked herself, Grover and Percy to attack Omi, Kiki and Ben, Annabeth battled Kiki. Hades appeared during this, nearly sending the two to the realm of darkness. She was one of the seven who gained immortality from the two crystals after this, becoming the goddess of Civlization. She's had to rebuild Olympus at least once since she became a god, after the Greek, Pokemon War. She has a daughter, Zoe Jackson.

Mother Athena

Father; Professor Chase

Half Brothers; Malcom, George Washington, Daedalus