This guy's truely someone to pity. Destiny is something one shouldn't force upon the shoulders of just one, and this guy got a little too much of it. He either had to watch the important things in his life get destroyed, or he'd destroy them by his own hands; Thomas

Anakin Skywalker is the mentor of Ashoka Tano
Anakin and Vader

The good and bad Anakin

, and a legendary Jedi. Another dimmensional version of him is Xemnas's right hand man, Akinaxn

Anakin was a part of the battle of Coroscaunt, where he witnessed Thomas defeat General Grievous. But as Grievous died, he unleased the dark Xenocyte, infecting Anakin. This changed him into Darth Vader. Ashoka then was bruttaly strangled by Vader, but Anakin's good half held back the dark side. Ashoka was then forced to destroy Vader, and set Anakin's spirit free.

His wife, Padme confronted Thomas about his part in killing him. Thomas explained that the other dimmensional nobody version of him requested he would do this if any Anakin he met was being overcome by darkness.

Anakin's ghost is still active, appearing to help at various points, like Dinobot's. He appeared to the Mews when they were angry about Kiki. He is one of the few villians Kronos has not brought back.

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