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If Alucard is a pyscho, this guy is definaltly something beyond that. Those Knives of his really hurt, and that Scottish accent hurts my ears; Tonto

A vampire hunter from Iscariot,

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he has a deep set hatred for vampires, Dhampires and other non human creatures. However unlike most villians, he also fights the heartless, as they are equally as horrid as vampires in his book. He wields sacred bayonets that come out of a limitless hyperspace and he is able to regenerate any damage to him, even from wounds that would kill an average man. He is a near equal to Alucard in power.

Alex was first recruited by Doofemsmirtz to fight Seras Victoria, and he attempted to kill her in Greenia after defeating Ben and Kiki. Even with her newfound confidence, Seras was only able to use her new light abilities to send him back to Draculania, where he was lost in its destruction. But his strong heart and will to destroy Vampires allowed him to return 20 years later, facing down John Victoria and Sally Sumdac in another dimmensions Vampiric woods, where he was defeated again. However he revived much quicker, as he promised to himelf in a deeply adbided ancient language swear he would not rest until all vampires and other monsters were gone in his dimmension, so he's still around, fighting Kronos but also fighting the heroes.

He is still alive in the far future, and by attacking Alucard, allowing Zeus to escape. He ignores most of what happens in the universe, focusing his efforts against Alucard and Seras.