Alex Storm. My archnemesis. A utter and complete failure! He has so much potential, but he wastes it on helping people. If only he was evil like me, then our combined rath would destroy the very foundation of the worlds. But since I'm evil, he HAS to be good. He's just utterly pathetic;Johnny Hurricane

Alex Storm is a 12-year old kid from the world Omnimation. He doesn't have any powers, but he can really fight, almost never losing a fight that a super villain has with him.

Alex used to be a normal regular every day kid, but one day, a new kid named John moved to his neighborhood. At first he and Alex and John became good friends. They helped each other with their homework, socialized, and thought of ways to humiliate Alex's older sister, Jessica. But Alex noticed that there was something strange about John, like for one thing he always ate food that no one had even heard of. Secondly, he always wanted to visit the strangest of places, like a nuclear plant, an abandoned construction site, or even a factory, while it was still open. Finally, any time someone in particular wanted to turn him or Alex into a joke, he acted violently towards that person. Very violent. Alex found out that John was an intergalactic conqeror named Megaopolis who had already taken over many planets without even resorting to transform into any thing else besides the planet's dominent species. Alex also learned that Megaopolis was just pretending to be Alex's friend so he wouldn't raise suspicion. Alex then knew that he had to stop Megaopolis, which he did without even having any powers, weapons, or backup for that matter. Ever since then, Alex has always stopped Megaopolis from either taking over the world, or exacting revenge on him. Alex has also battled other super powered villains, sometimes for revenge for past actions. Alex finally defeated Megaopolis for good on his 13th birthday.

Alex also has a severe phobia of snakes, incuding the harmless ones, due to a practical joke at school gone wrong.

Alex also has an alternate in a parallel universe who is a 22-year old bounty hunter who is a cyborg and the most dangerous bounty hunter in the universe. (I'll do a biography on him later) Megaopolis even hired him once to kill Alex, but that the first mission that he had ever failed, and basically the only one he ever failed.

In the Krspace dimmension, Alex appeared to help Wendy search for the mising Tonto. This was to make up for his crimes when he was a nobody minion of Xemnas. Afterwords, at one point he met Bianca Di Angelo, who he has since been immortailzaed by and married to, and their expecting a child. His rival, Johnny Hurricane has also appeared recently, as a minion of Kronos

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