Seriously, this kid is wierd. I don't mean to b mean, but how could a kid have the power of super stregnth? Seriously, Alex stopped an evil intergalactic warlord, and at the time, he had no powers, and was just thirteen. But how could a son of a gem given god, and a daughter of Hades have super stregnth? How? HOW?!;Omni

Alan Storm is the son of the great hero Alex Storm, and his mother is the Goddess Bianca Di Angelo, who immotalized his father. His sister is named Alleshia.

Both are grandchildren of Hades. They were born while their father, Alex was fighting it out with Kronos and some sycotic Kayla from another dimmension he had fought before. Alan is said to remind Alex of himself, and has above then average strength and luck. He will be the god of gambles. His sister has the powers of a child of hades, and will be the goddess of heart strength (As in the strength of a persons heart like in KH that deterines the possiblilty of a nobody forming, and the chances of getting a keyblade). Alan has a habit of using his strength uncontrollably, causing the unfortunate person at the end to be flung into a wall/

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