A fine young lady, she's a wiz at computers and music. She has a strong heart, and we all know that's what's truely important in a hero; Thomas

Aelita hails from Lyoko, and is a chosen keybearer. She has been chosen for her strong heart and her familiarity with lost memories. Aelita and Ashoka were responsible for the prophecy being released when they met at one point before 10 new keys.

Her powers allow her to use her abilities from the digital realm of Lyoko, energy fields, the ability to sprout wings and to sing changes into the physical area. She first appeared as her world was destroyed and later met up with the heroes as a cat and saved them from Waspinator and his Kankerlots. She is level headed, and her future husband and boyfriend is Jeremy.

She and Jeremy, as well as the rest of the Lyoko Gang, live in Greenia after their world was destoryed by Xana.

Father Frans Hopper

Husband Jeremy Beliops

Future Daughter Einette

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